W66 Window Cleaning Robot

Frequency conversion water spray, window cleaning is more efficient
Electronically controlled water spray|Voice broadcast|Smart planning|Ultra-thin body|Fabric storage|Patent·Built-in water spray design

[Canned once, wiped 5 times with the whole family] 70~80m2 of glass can be wiped after the water tank is filled;
[150ml Constant Voltage Controlled Water Tank] Spray water once every 10 seconds to cover evenly;
[Spray water while wiping, without leaving marks after wiping] 8 sets of spray points are added, and 0.2ml of water is sprayed accurately;
【HUTTHINK intelligent frequency conversion suction algorithm】Identify the dirty surface and wipe the protective glass gently;
[Edges decelerate in advance, fast wipe and slow touch] Intelligent edge recognition, decelerate in advance to protect the window frame;
[Power off without falling] Accidental power off can also be absorbed for 20-30 minutes and continue to voice alarm;
[Mountaineering safety rope, window cleaning is safer] The rope length is 5m, and the instantaneous load-bearing capacity is 120kg;
[7.6cm ultra-thin body] even with anti-theft windows;
[Microfiber wipes·water-locking wet wipe]Easy to operate, leaving no marks on wet wipes;
ZZROBOT window cleaning robot is about to go online
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W77 Window Cleaning Robot

Wireless alternate battery life, more efficient window cleaning
Walking gearbox|Motor vibration design|Air duct design|Exhaust without blowing your hands

[Wireless operation] There is no restriction on indoor and outdoor space, get rid of the trouble of outdoor plug-in;
[Double battery alternate battery life] No need to wait for window cleaning, you can wipe as long as you want;
[Wireless safety performance] Not only is equipped with a mountaineering safety rope, but also equipped with a retractable suction cup safety buckle, which is convenient and safe;
[Long-time driving temperature is stable] Even if it is used for more than 120 minutes for a long time, the temperature of the body is moderately controlled to meet the needs of large-area operations;
[Optimization and upgrade] Three module design optimization of noise reduction, optimization of high-speed turbine wind resistance cutting design, optimization of walking gear box design, motor vibration design, air duct design, exhaust air without blowing hands;
[2600Pa high suction power automatic operation] fingerprints, dust, rain stains, mud spots, clean all kinds of dirt on the surface;
[Intelligent planning route] can plan, predict, avoid obstacles, and return;
[Intelligent detection of edge area and deceleration in advance] Any plane edge can be recognized intelligently, decelerating in advance to reduce impact without falling;
[Human voice broadcast] The state of the machine is always known;
[Portable storage gift box] Reasonable functional partition, easy storage for tasting;

DDC55 Window Cleaning Robot

Deep cleaning leaves no traces
Frequency control algorithm for suction power|Heat dissipation and spatial arrangement|Air duct and internal waterproof and anti-corrosion

[Product advantages] Rotate and wipe with a wet cloth to wipe clean without slipping. Thickness of 8.5cm, one-handed operation is not cumbersome, one-button start;
[Solution of pain points] Wet rags can take away stubborn attachments. Antistatic liquid can be used. Old anti-theft windows can be wiped, with multiple protections, and high-rise windows are wiped safely;

Identify different dirt
Automatically adjust suction

Unexpected power outage Won't fall

Ultra-thin body
You can wipe the anti-theft windows

Muggle HH6 Mopping Robot

Make mopping effortless and efficient
Electronically controlled water spray | Large visible water tank | Power-assisted moving the large site | Deep cleaning with dual turntables

[Elegant design] A new choice for young home environment;
[Wireless one-handed operation] mopping the floor without bending over or bowing your head;
[Time-saving and labor-saving·Led by a mop] The bottom turntable has a unique balance boost design, which can move forward when the machine is turned on. It does not need to pick the ground or push the arm, and walk while mopping the ground;
[Special stainless steel nozzle, strong pressure and extremely dense fan-shaped water mist] Sprinkle a layer of fan-shaped water mist evenly on the front of the machine, leaving no traces on the delicate water;
[Powerful cleaning mop]Clean all kinds of stains;
[Visible 500ML water tank·Do not bend over when filling water] Canned a large apartment and wipe it 3 times;

Big water

Large apartment support

wipe the floor

Dry drag

Wet mopping support
The core team leader is good at weighing pros and cons, has strong core R&D capabilities and rich experience in product innovation.
The core members of the team, one person and one car walk the world, daring to fight, to work hard, to bear hardships and stand hard work, and never give up.
Rich experience, well-known corporate executives, rich R&D experience, operating more than 20 domestic and foreign marketing e-commerce platforms.
National high-tech enterprises have unique product development capabilities, structural engineers, engineering algorithms, user experience engineers, etc.
Hutt is a professional R&D company for intelligent hardware of facade cleaning equipment.

Hutt HUTT focuses on the research and development of window cleaning robots. Product research and development began in 2018. The company has its own core team for products, engineering, and markets. The background of team members involves integrated circuits, material applications, industrial design, structural design, software algorithms, embedded systems and other disciplines. , Have the ability to continuously innovate and iterate products.
Hutt has rich experience in frequency conversion suction algorithm and window cleaner structure optimization technology. It continues to explore and innovate in the field of facade cleaning. At present, the company has applied for a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and has a number of key cores in the future industry patented technology.

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